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pz1.jpgPolanica-Zdrój is the youngest, but the most famous health resort in Lower Silesia. It belongs to the Kłodzko Health Group, a state-owned company. Its headquarters are located just here, as well as two mineral water bottling plants.

Before Polanica-Zdrój become famous as a health resort, its history had already been several centuries old. First references can be found in the judicial registers of the Kłodzko city.

pz3.jpgMedicinal springs became famous as early as in the 16th century. Their restorative properties and exquisite taste were mentioned by Kłodzko-based annalist Aelurius. The water of Polanica was exported to distant places, and was delivered to ceremonial parties and weddings. The resort of Polanica became a property of the Jesuits in 1595. They built their residence here, recognizing that Polanica is "a healthy and pleasant place of inhabitation". They also started to utilize medicinal springs. A turning point in the history of Polanica was the year 1828. At that time, a Kłodzko-based merchant Joseph Gromls bought the town. He started to develop the infrastructure of springs and built a small well-room and a wooden bathhouse. At that time, Polanica began its existence as health resort. There were five springs of mineral water, but only two were in use: the most efficient "Józef" and "Jerzy". In 1875 the bathhouse was bought by a Wrocław-based businessman Hoffman. A study of Polanica waters, ordered by him, proved that the local springs are at least of the same quality as that of Duszniki which had already been well-know.

pz6.jpgSince 1875, the number of visitors increased. A treatment took 4-6 weeks and consisted of mineral water bathing and drinking. The utilization of the "Wielka Pieniawa" spring strarted in 1904. The discovery of new springs and the establishing of Polanica Spa management contributed to the growth of the resort. A scheme for erecting a comfortable bathing establishment with modern hydrotherapy equipment was prepared then. It was decided to surround the edifice with a park and to build new hotels. The first part of the scheme was completed in the summer of 1906. On June 24, the Bathing House was put into operation, the House and the park were illuminated by electric light on the next day. By the year 1910, 50 new hotels were constructed. Along with the growth of the infrastructure, the appreciation for Polanica as a health resort had been extending.

In the period of 1930-1939, the development of Polanica was stable. All over Europe, the resort was know and popular. Each year, a lot of people with cardiac problems were visiting Polanica. The resort has not lost its unique features until now.

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